Key reason for buying the dedicated server!

Believe it, that you are taking high risk if the data of your company is not on dedicated server. Think about if you are hosting the companies site on internal server which has a risk of theft, electrical outages along with various other possible threats which may be avoided completely by just renting the 100tb dedicated hosting. The benefits far outweigh the disadvantages which you may feel could happen. Think about amount of the money that you will save alone in the electricity.

Let us now look for key reasons to have dedicated server!

Is shared hosting better or dedicated server considered to be a better option? Should you plan for the dedicated server or you should rent for the shared hosting account?

The accounts of Shared hosting are great for putting up a web site or when you just wish to test the tech knowledge. On the other hand, if you actually are much serious about the security you need to go with the 100tb dedicated hosting. On the shared plans you will share your space with some different people. Think about this that do you actually wish your records of accounting to be on similar server as people are trying to get the existing customers?

How will a dedicated server help your website ?

If your website is recently on the shared server or on the company’s server you might even have experienced the times when the site was quite slow. It just may even have been caused through several people on the server at single point of time. When the entire server is dedicated to the site it will eliminate the issue.

Great Software and Flexibility

With the help of the shared servers, you may have some of the limited access to operating system, as well as software applications also will be restricted to those that are provided by host. When you wish to install run on the advanced, database applications and customized ecommerce you will possibly need the dedicated server.


The Information on the shared server is possibly to be quite less secure as compared to information on the dedicated server. The dedicated server may even be offered with their own firewall. When you are loading the highly sensitive details and information on the server, it enhanced the security and will certainly be the great priority.


As the site grows, the traffic grows as well as the applications become quite much demanding, you should upgrade your server.

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