Getting the right web host is what you need when you are a website owner or blogger. Getting the wrong web host can have a huge impact on your business. Therefore, it is vital to get it right the first time. Whether you have a small or large business, it is important to have hosting for your site. If you are looking to have more control then you should go for the dedicated hosting.

Choosing 100TB dedicated hosting gives you high-quality performance and high speed. Not to forget the bandwidth. If you would love the feeling of a faster connection, you should invest in 100TB bandwidth. Here are features and a few things you need to look for when choosing a dedicated server hosting.

Features of 100TB Servers



One of that you will get from a 100TB dedicated server is the reliability. You can easily benefit from free transfer from one host to the next, easy installation of the control panel. You will get a user-friendly interface and 99.9% uptime.

control panel

Control panel

You will get the bandwidth that you need to and at an affordable price. You will be able to manage your website and server using the control panel which is easy to use. Choose from Cpanel and Plesk.

Customer support


There is 24/7 customer support. When you go for the100TB dedicated server, you can get support from live chat, ticketing and through the phone. You get an efficient support team that replies within a few minutes. You can get help on any hardware issues that you may face.



The 100TB dedicated server offers you with the best customer service. You will have a 99.5% uptime with 100TB. With powerful and efficient servers, you are guaranteed of getting the best performance. There will no complain of downtime with this hosting.


The 100TB dedicated server hosting is user-friendly and simple to use. You will not encounter any problems with using the hosting platform. If you were in search of a reliable and efficient hosting server provider, then you can rely on a 100TB server. You get powerful and comprehensive hosting.



There are many advantages to having the server to yourself. you get with dedicated hosting. They include:

Dedicated server hosting with 100TB bandwidth is a guaranteed way of getting more bandwidth. You will be the only one to get all the 100TB bandwidth, no sharing. You will get the best service and there is no need to deal with downtime.

There are many hosting providers that offer you an ideal experience. Get more bandwidth and more streaming on your website? The set up is easy and will only take you one business day.


Better Performance

When you choose dedicated hosting, you will enjoy maximum uptime. You need such uptime when you have a high traffic site. You will not share your space with any potential spammers.


There is no better way to get flexibility than with dedicated hosting. You can customize your server so that it meets your needs. You get to choose the software and platform you need.

No overhead

No overhead

Dedicated hosting offers you with low cost to access the resources. Choosing a dedicated server hosting means the company takes care of maintaining the server equipment. Thus, it reduces your overhead costs.

Server configuration

You need to ensure that you have complete control of the server. It is the only way you can configure it so that it meets your needs.

operating systems

Operating Systems

Dedicated server hosting gives you the freedom to have an operating system of your choice. At times, the application you want needs a particular operating system.


One of the things that you need to look for is the hardware choices. It is important that you look for a hosting provider with several options so that you can choose the appropriate one. It is advisable that you go for hardware that meets all your requirements. It will not be worthwhile to overpay and not get the right hardware. When choosing a hardware option look for the type of RAM, type of hard drive, capacity, CPU, number of cores and processing speed.

Technical support

It is important to look for a company that offers technical support in case you need help with your hosting. At times, your server may need a simple reboot or just a bit of patching. However, there are times when you experience hardware failure which needs appropriate action. During such times, you need to get access to the technical support through live chat, email or phone. Look for a company that has a faster response time. The last thing you want is to have to wait for long when your hosting is experiencing issues. The technical support should be available all times. They should also be experienced in providing the required technical support.


Technical support

Security is important in any business in this internet age. There are many hackers just waiting to get their hands on your personal information. Hacking can happen even to the big corporation so it is important to always be safe than sorry. Hacking makes everything in your business to come to a standstill. The damage cannot be reversed so it is important to take caution.

You do not want to lose your customers since their information on your site has been stolen. There are some customers who can decide to take legal action when such a scenario occurs. You can prevent all these from happening by ensuring that you have a secure dedicated hosting service. When it comes to security, look for physical security and protection against malware and viruses.

If your business is experiencing growth like never before or you just want to protect your client’s personal information. Getting a dedicated server is a solution to all these problems. Choosing a dedicated hosting server requires that you look for some features that it has to offer. When it comes to hosting provider, you should not look for any, make sure that you go for one that will give you value for money.

100TB dedicated hosting gives you high-quality performance